Branding & Communication Strategy for 2016

Branding products & services and effectively communicating your brand is important for marketing. It helps in creating value for your services and products. Creating and managing brand names needs great creativity, a highly focused communication strategy, exceptional insights and in-depth analysis. In this article get some insights for the best branding and communication strategies for 2016.

branding & communication

Be focused on a unique and strong idea:

Creating a brand identity requires something unique. For instance, Apple is known worldwide for its inventive products along with the minimalistic and artistic appeal. Establishing an identity in the market requires having one special thing that separates it from the competitors. Once a company figures out what that is, it can focus on it and gain profit in time.

Create Content Based on Customer Needs:

A Recent study of Statistic Brain Research Institute says that the average attention span in 2015 was 8.25 seconds and only 4% of page views on the internet last longer than 10 minutes. Therefore, it gets vital for marketers to deliver pertinent and compelling content to their customers to hold their attention. A content strategy that focuses on the needs and triggers the customer’s interest can only give positive results. Check out your customer needs through research, customer surveys and creation of customer personas based on consumer behaviour.

Try to be Reliable and Authentic:

In the current scenario, authenticity is critical for the growth of any business. It gives customers the reason to do business with you. Social media and smartphones are the latest technologies for customers to easily learn whether a product/service is truly effective or whether a brand’s claim is true. Customers are aware and want to do business with companies that are the best.

Distinguish Your Brand Based on Product Quality

Using your brand’s product quality as a marketing tool is the best way to build brand loyalty. These days if the product you are selling is not designed or built with quality, then it’s difficult to retain customers. They will express their disappointment across many social media platforms.  On the contrary, to get lifetime customers you have to regularly deliver a quality product or service.

Increase Channels and Increase Engagement:

Multichannel marketing strategy leads most brands to attract, create, sustain and increase their loyal customer base. With this strategy, your brand can reach a wider audience and can strengthen your companies’ image. Email, mobile and social media are excellent tools for branding. Social media is one of the best engagement tools, as sharing and reposting have become a progressively effective means to create awareness about your brand.






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