7 Things about Mobile Hotel Bookings Your Boss Wants to Know

There is an exceedingly high growth in mobile data usage in India. In the international market, 45% of e-commerce revenue comes through mobiles. Today mobiles, tablets and iPhones have made lives much easier and fast. In the busy schedule of ones life, professional do not have time and patience to sit in front of a computer and plan for their holidays. Using a mobile to plan holidays as well as to book a hotel is easy as well as time saving. Mobile booking is an intelligent choice for travellers as well as working professionals world wide. Mobile hotel bookings are a great platform for the hotel as well as the e-commerce industry today.

Hotel Booking

As per one of the Google research, online hotel bookings will be worth Rs. 1.8 billion in the future. The current figure by the end of 2016 will be worth Rs. 0.8 billion of which 8.4 million Indians will be making their hotel bookings online. 53% of overall domestic hotel bookings of MakeMyTrip, India’s most leading travel website comes through mobile phones while the remaining comes through laptops or computers. Mobile phone has become one of the most engaged booking platforms for any traveling website today. Read to find out the 7 things about mobile hotel bookings that attract working professionals especially in case you have a busy boss.

  1. Convenience:

Mobile apps for hotel bookings are a great success as there are no travel agents. The consumer does not have to pay an extra amount to the third party for any information about hotel bookings. Consumers can control what they want today by booking hotels within their budget. The entire  control is in your hands as per your time and convenience. You can book a hotel for your boss through thousands of apps for hotels available using the latest available technology.

  1. Technology:

With the latest advancement in mobile apps and technology, sitting within the comfort of one’s home, customers can check for different amenities provided within the hospitality industry. If your boss is having a business meeting and wants to organise in one of the best hotels, then you can easily pre – book rooms along with the desired meals packages available as per your office budget. Some major tourist spots also provide an added feature of booking cabs and other tour travels with information about specific tourist places along  with their charges. Such information makes it easier for working professionals to opt for mobile hotel bookings as per their budgetary needs.

  1. Increased Sales:

Mobile apps for hotels are a great platform for the e-commerce as well as the hospitality sector. Any hotel reservation manager can boost up their  hotel sales without paying any third party commissions. Updated apps especially linked up with festival season discounts provide for bulk hotel bookings in large numbers and increase revenue. This is a great way to stay connected to potential customers as well as provide information on a timely basis.

  1. Information:

Through unlimited online browsing, social media and websites such as Trip Advisor, Goibibo and many other sites the hospitality sector professional can remain updated. Hotel managers can know a lot about the destination places along with hotel room charges and compare it with their competitors. Mobile bookings are a great avenue to get information about unknown boutique hotels and resorts along with discounts, deals and user reviews. This feature enables your boss as well as commerce managers and reservation managers stay abreast with the latest market updates in the hospitality sector.

  1. 24 x 7 Service:

Mobile phone bookings being an online service enables the professionals to book anytime and from anywhere in the world. Mobile apps provide easy access to everyone be it an android user or an iPhone user.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness:

Mobile booking apps are a marketplace for potential customers to stay in touch with their reservation managers. If the experience of a customer has been satisfying during the earlier visits, then there is a tendency for a long lasting relationship to develop. This helps hotels create their own brands and they are preferred by the customers every time they visit the same place. The hotel logo stand as a brand identity on the mobile screens of the customers in the form of hotel booking apps.

  1. Sincere Feedback

Any hotel mobile app gives an opportunity to its customers to give a sincere feedback as well as a honest review about the hotel services and management to the top level officers. Such feedback allows hotel managers to deliver customised service to their potential clients in the near future. Several issues can be resolved easily using mobile hotel apps by being in close contact with the top hotel management.

Consumers are eager to know about the latest technology and new services provided within the hotel industry today. The continuous usage of smartphones for mobile hotel bookings are an entirely user based experience. The main attraction of users and guests to book directly through their mobile apps and websites is a win-win situation for the hotel for increased revenue along with their brand promotion.