International Kite Festival in India

India, the Land of Festivals and Fairs has more than 3,500 festivals taking place throughout the year. Every State of India celebrates its own festival with some special events and great grandeur.

Ahmedabad city in Gujarat is well-known for organizing the International Kite Flying Festival every year. Kite Festival is the day when the sun travels northwards and marks the decline of winter. The charm and celebrations associated with kite flying is enjoyed by people of all age groups, class and communities.


Every year, enthusiasts from different countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, European Countries and Malaysia take part in the International Kite Festival. Several designer kites are displayed at the venue.

Kite making has become a serious business today. Kites are used as a means for branding businesses and this event is utilized as a profitable opportunity by the commercial world. The best kites are rewarded in this event. Numerous bulk purchases take place on the eve of kite- flying day and there’s brisk business happening in the ‘Patang bazaar’ (kite market) located in Ahmedabad city. A visit to the ‘Bazaar’ in the middle of the night shows how the entire population of the city is passionate about kites. They are available in all designs and shapes but some stand out for their absolute size and novelty. The excitement for flying kites continues even after the dark. You can spot the arrival of lit up box kites, often in a series threaded on one line flying high into the dark sky. It is locally named as ‘tukkals’ which add a touch of splendour and brightens the dark sky.

Safety Tips:

Kite lovers need to consider safety tips and take care about their health, skin and body. If you are passionate about kite flying, then follow these safety tips and take due care of yourself.


  • Wear eyeglasses while flying kites. Use sunglasses for proper eye care. Apply sunscreen with a higher SPF. Wear cotton clothes with full sleeves to avoid getting sunburnt.
  • Avoid flying kites by standing in a narrow area or near the terrace borders. Do not fly kites on the road site. Your one mistake can take someone’s life. Be careful and show your awareness.
  • If you are riding on a two wheeler, ensure you cover your neck with a neck protector, helmet, scarf or muffler.
  • Drive slow. This can give you a chance to stop your vehicle, an inch away in case a kite thread comes in your way.
  • In case of any birds getting injured by kites, contact NGOs providing immediate treatments for such casualty.


Enjoy flying kites throughout the day with your near and dear ones. Wish you all a safe and wonderful Kite-flying day!







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